Dhs. 600.00

1. MF KAY COLLECTION مجموعة بكرات

A Set of five exclusive perfumes by MF kay comes in a unique mini collection from us in 30 ml bottles.

Bacarrat Roouge, Oud Silk Mood, La Rose, Amyris, Baccarat Extrait

2.  Byredo white collection 5 pieces 30ML each

unnamed / flower head / rose on man land /bibliotheq / magave ghost

3.  Channel Hair Mist  عطور شانيل للشعر

A Beautiful set of 5 hair mist 50 ml each inspires by channel

Gabrielle, Poudree, Number five, Madmoiselle, Chance

 4. MF kay exclusive 100 ml bottle "Oud Silk Mood عود سلك"

5. Two (2) Perfumes of 30 ml each as GIFT